How to Help

Send an Email to LA City Council


With our email tool, you can pick from prewritten paragraphs (or create your own) and send an email directly the members of LA City Council, urging them to vote NO on Council File 11-1705.

Be a Social Media Advocate


Support the cause by sharing ready-made posts on social media, or build your own post with key messages. It's a quick and effective way to spread the message and put pressure on LA City Council.


Get involved!

Turn the Lights OFF on Digital Billboards

Our city's visual environment is continually being flooded with bright, distracting and often illegal digital billboards.

Together, we can do more than we can do alone

Help us make sure our public officials are held accountable when they do not enforce the current laws that are meant to protect our city and neighborhood's visual environment. 

Ad Zero

Los Angeles, California, United States